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“Every one of our students” learning Mandarin at West Midlands school

Mr Lee | Head of School | Q3 Academy Langley

In Sandwell, West Midlands there is a school setting its students up for the future. At Q3 Academy Langley students participate in a wide array of extracurricular activities, from Cooking to British Sign language. This year they have also been giving Mandarin Chinese lessons to their students. Mandarin, the world’s most spoken language with 848 Million speakers by 2024 will also become the official language of the World’s largest economy, China.

Find out more about Mr Lee’s motivation behind the initiative and how it has benefited the students.

Why do you think learning Mandarin is important for your students?

“It is about widening horizons and opening up new opportunities for the young people at my Academy. As a fast-growing language, this short exposure could spark an interest that could change a child’s life if they decide to pursue further.”

What other languages are taught at Q3 Langley?

“We teach French currently. Next year we will teach French, Spanish, German and a bit of Italian too.”

How many students have been learning Mandarin at Q3 Langley?

Every one of our students. 150 in total.”

Where do you find the time to fit Mandarin into your busy school timetable?

“We use our innovative Enrichment model – that means Wednesday afternoons all students are off timetable and able to taste a range of experiences.”

How have the students taken to learning Mandarin at Q3 Langley? How have they benefitted?

“They have embraced it! It is fantastic to see them walking out to Play time and conversing with staff and peers alike! I have seen increased confidence in speaking and listening.”

What do you think about the quality of Mandarin teaching at Q3 Langley?

“The teaching has been fantastic – [The teacher] has embraced our way of running Enrichment and approach to lesson design. She has worked tirelessly to adapt her teaching to our model and we’ve loved having her at the Academy.”

Future Lingo has been providing Q3 Academy Langley with Mandarin Chinese provision this year. We are always on the lookout for forward thinking schools who wish to embrace Mandarin.

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