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3 Reasons Chinese needs to be on your 2019 clubs list

English, French, Maths… Students have a packed timetable. After school, there is also a multitude of clubs students can take part in. So why offer Chinese as a club?

1. Improves academic attainment

Unlike English or French, which use a Romanised alphabet, Chinese uses characters denoting the sound and meaning of a word e.g. (大 = pronounced dà = meaning big). Learning characters helps in activating student’s spatial memory and improves student’s ability to recall information.

Also, unlike English words, Chinese characters need to be said with 1 of 4 tones to distinguish them from other homophones. (dā, dá, dǎ, dà, for example, mean totally different things.) Learning tones makes use of both the left and right temporal lobes. In music, for example, this could improve a student’s ability to differentiate pitches.

More information on the academic benefits can be found here

2. Builds world citizens

China is big. 1.3 billion people big. That is 20 UKs.

Unfortunately, less than 1% of Chinese are able to communicate in English. That means students better start learning Chinese now to connect with the world’s most populous country.

Mandarin Chinese (what we teach at Future Lingo) is the most widely spoken form of Chinese with around 800 million native speakers. In addition, millions more learn it as a second language in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia.

3. Advances career prospects

When will China become the world’s number 1 economy? By some metrics it already is.

To tap into this market, having knowledge of Mandarin can provide students with a competitive edge in the upcoming decades.

In a recent poll more than three-quarters of UK business leaders believe Mandarin Chinese fluency would give students an advantage in their career.

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